Hello I am Roz

UR Virtual Assistant

Level of Expertise


I’ve been in the virtual assistant and digital marketing field for almost 2 years. My experience spans digital methods in marketing and sales which are really applicable in this digital age. URVAassist helps businesses grow and provide services such as writing their digital strategy, building campaigns, and supporting their digital marketing programs.

Services I Can Provide

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in advertising & marketing nowadays. I can help you think and apply ways on how we can leverage this growth.

social media

Social Media

The rise of social media marketing services and websites is changing the way businesses advertise. With my help, we can create a good social media campaign that can reach more potential customers for your business.

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

It's a new type of marketing service that offers companies the ability to identify and target specific customer segments. Let's work together to identify the needs and desires of your target market, and use that information to create unique products or services for them.



In order to ensure that your website ranks well in Google, you need to optimize it for the search engines. I can help you create a content that will be found by the search engines and also by optimizing the way your website looks to users who will be searching for it online.


e-Commerce Management

In order to keep up with this growing business, companies need their own e-commerce management services. Let us work together to help businesses grow who wants to sell their products online through an online platform.

copywriting icon


Copywriting is part of effectively marketing your sevices through articles and a great way to connect with other businesses. Connecting through copywriting can help market your business and helps in building your brand.

website design

Website Design

One of the great ways to build trust and brand for your business is to develop a website. Customers can easily trust a business with a good web design showing all the products and services offered.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

Let's reach your target audience and increase sales by way of advertising your products or services. The more the ads are attractive, the more attractive the product will be to consumers.

Marketing research

Marketing Research

Let's help you determine how your products or services can be improved. To do this, I'll help you analyze data from various sources in order to find out which factors are important to improve your products/services.