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I assist florists and handle online marketplace with their online presence as well as their backend operations, so that they can focus on what is most important to their company. Consistency and authenticity are the most impactful ways to gain attention on social media. It is attainable by implementing a plan that boosts your exposure, engagement rates and sales conversions. 

I am a graphic designer, web content creator, and e-commerce developer. 

The URVAassist has an exceptional way of  achieving your goals such as tailoring strategies and services. 


Product Upload
and Description

Create solid and desirable product description for your website, email marketing and social media.


I can help managing day-to-day operations of the online store. From order management and periodic reporting.

Traffic and Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy in place will guarantee that your social media activities are more lucrative beneficial to achieving your overall business goals.

Social Media Content

Gain a competitive edge in social media by getting ahead of the race. Let us reach out to customers by writing posts the pique their interest in learning more about you!


You would not be able to acquire and maintain your target client without a strong marketing approach. Let me help you capture your brand and create content that not only fascinates, but also succeeds!

Graphics and Development


You can't attract and keep your ideal client without a great marketing strategy. Let me help you nail messaging, create copy that not only engages but converts!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of marketing. The purpose of graphic design is to increase brand recognition while at the same time delivering specific messages about products or services offered by the client.


You can't get ahead of the curve if you don't have an edge in social media. Let's connect with your audience by creating captivating posts that make them want to follow you more!


Not knowing where you're going is scary, but having a map to show the way would be so much better! I'll help strategize and work with your idea as our starting point.


You can't get ahead of the curve if you don't have an edge in social media. Let's connect with your audience by creating captivating posts that make them want to follow you more!

Project Management

Emails are an excellent platform from which customers can hear about new products and services- so it pays off time after time!

Aika's guidance has allowed me to feel confident in my work and enjoy it. I'm amazed at how organized Aika stays when handling everything for everyone. After working closely with her for such a short amount period, I can't imagine managing anything without having someone like her around!"
Merlene De Castro
SeniorMerlene | Blogger
Working with Aika is a game-changer for our company. She streamlined everything and made us more efficient while also instilling trust to focus on other things like marketing strategy!
Aimee Lustre
dChibug | Marketing Manager
“Before working with Aika, I had no social media presence or internet marketing strategy to speak of. Thanks to her, now I do! She has helped me to exponentially grow my business. I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”
Christopher Sarili
PlantsMarketPH | Owner

Kind Words From My Previous Project Clients